Thursday, October 27, 2011

Large Group Events


One-Act Play is a 35 minute performance utilizing a simple set, props, costumes, make-up and lighting. There may be auditions for this event.

Readers Theater focuses on the use of interpretative skills to present prose, poetry, or drama without the aid of costumes, make-up, set, or props. Two to fifteen students. Performance time limit is 25 minutes. Readers give a dramatic performance from a script. Some lines may be memorized. Movement and blocking are optional. There will be auditions for this event.

Ensemble Acting is a theatrical performance by two to six people. Ensemble acting encourages actors to develop characters and to interact with other characters. Performance time limit is 15 minutes. Seven uniform chairs and a table are supplied. Blocking and interaction between characters is important. No costumes, make-up, or props. Lines are memorized.

Choral Reading is a group interpretation of a text that uses both solo and ensemble speaking. Participants use a script. The emphasis of this event is a sense of ensemble blend. There will be auditions for this event. Some movement is involved. There will be auditions for this event. Performance time is limited to 15 minutes.

Group Mime is an ensemble of two to six students who create a story or express a message without the use of words. Performance time is limited to 7 minutes. Message should be creatively conveyed through group interaction and reaction, precise movement and timing, and effective facial and bodily expression. Story must have a beginning and an end. Six chairs may be used. Costumes must be uniform. No mime make-up is worn.

Solo Mime (Part of Large Group Contest) is the same as above except there is only one performer. One chair may be used. Performance time limit is 5 minutes.

Group Improvisation involves creating and presenting a story which is based on drawn criteria within a limited preparation time. This event encourages students to cooperatively work as an ensemble to create characters and to develop and spontaneously act out an interesting and logical story. Five uniform chairs may be used. Two to five performers report to the performance room five minutes before they are assigned to appear. They draw three situations and have up to two minutes to select one situation to perform. Performance time is limited to five minutes.

Television Newscasting involves a team of any number of people who do not all have to be in front of the camera. Teams will gather their own copy of materials for the news stories within the school year prior to contest. The report will consist of national, international, and state news; weather; sports; and a 30-60 second commercial. Each presentation will also include a news feature. The presentation must be 12-15 minutes in length and have some elements taped and edited in various locations. All parts of the presentation may be edited. Audio/visual aids may be used. At least one member of the team will present the tape to the judge and view it with the judge at district contest. All members of the team do not have to attend.

Musical Theater consists of a group of two to six students who perform a cutting from a musical which will be limited to 10 minutes. The contestants will utilize the skills of acting, singing, and dancing, if appropriate. All lines and songs will be memorized. Although the scenes will be blocked, contestants will perform without costumes, scenery, props, or make-up. Students will use taped accompaniment.

Radio Broadcasting is an event that involves a team of any number of people who gather their news stories within the school year of the contest. The event requires state, national, and international stories, the weather, and a sports report in addition to a feature and a 30-45 second commercial. It will be pre-taped with limited editing and will be 5-6 minutes in length. This is another opportunity for students who are unable to attend contest and still want to participate.

Short Film is an experimental event involving a team of 2-15 students. The original film can be no longer than five minutes. It must be original in nature and can be performed by students, claymation, animation, or objects. It can include music, dialogue, sound, and visual effects. It will be judged on effective storyline, technical aspects, acting, and overall presentation.

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